Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies


Knowledge, attitude, and barriers to research among final-year Students of Physiotherapy in Nigeria

  • By Abiola O. Fafolahan, Daniel D. Ajao, Efosa P. Ogedegbe - 30 Sep 2022
  • Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies, Volume: 1, Issue: 3, Pages: 18 - 25
  • Received: 13.8.2022; Accepted: 12.9.2022; Published: 30.9.2022


Aim: This study investigated the knowledge, attitude and barriers to conducting research among final-year students of Physiotherapy in Nigeria. Method: This was an observational cross-sectional study with a convenience sampling technique. The data was collected from different higher institutions offering Physiotherapy as a first degree in Nigeria. A web-based questionnaire was shared on various student platforms (Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Twitter). Results: A total of 136 final-year students took part in the study. About 52.9% and 30.1% had excellent and good knowledge respectively. The majority of the students reported that research was connected to their field of study and used for their careers. Some students also reported that research courses were di fficult and do make them anxious. The top barrier to conducting research among the student was a lack of time due to the overburden of educational activities. Conclusion: The majority of the students had good knowledge and attitude about research. Some students believe research courses are difficult. Sufficient training in research methods, skills, and institution of mentorship programs can boost participation in research.

Keywords: Research, Physiotherapy, Final year, Knowledge, Attitude, Barrier