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Year Started : 2022
Scope : Multidisciplinary
Language : English
Review Process: Peer review
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Format of Publication : Online
Location : India
Publisher: Jagua Publication, India.


Factors Contributing To Teenage Pregnancy Among Girls In Awere Sub County, Pader District

  • By Oyat Tom Mboya, Icel Solomon, Esther Kadito Oloi - 16 Nov 2022

Background: Teenage pregnancy still poses a serious global community health alarm in already established and still establishing world; high, middle- and low-income countries. Most people become sexually active before their 20th bi Read more

Factors influencing adherence to antiretroviral therapy among youth aged 15-35yrs accessing health care from Ober health center IV, lira city

  • By Esther Kadito Oloi, Icel Solomon, Oyat Tom Mboya - 16 Nov 2022

The global Adherence rates ranges from 28.3 to 69.8% which indicated poor Adherence to ART among youth. In Uganda, a recent systematic review and met analysis about Adherence to ART among Youths 12 to 35 years reported only 62.3% to have good Adhe Read more

Host plant response of faba bean varieties to chocolate leaf (Botrytis fabae) spot at Debub Ari District of South Omo, Southwestern Ethiopia

  • By Wondimu Adila, Yosef Berihun, Kedir Bamud, Feyisa Bekele - 16 Nov 2022

Botrytis fabae, which causes faba bean chocolate spot is key issues which reduces faba bean production and productivity in Ethiopia. Various better varieties were released in the country Ethiopia but those varieties were not tested for chocolate l Read more

Micro-Power-Harvesting of Electricity in Pot Plants with Components

  • By Lena J-T Strömberg - 13 Nov 2022

Battery electrodes in pot plants are constructed and combined with various electrical components. Capacitors attached to elastic connections distributing wind energy in the lines and the soil provide, alternating current; AC. For AC, Voltage may b Read more

A Study On The Mortality Effects Of Fourteen Botanicals Against (Callosobruchus maculatus F.) Infestation On Cowpea (Vigna unguilata L. Walp.)

  • By Adamson Daniel, Jirnuya C. Jedison - 13 Nov 2022

An investigation to assess the effectiveness of locally available botanical in the control of cowpea weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus L.) was conducted in the Department of Crop Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Maiduguri. The expe Read more

Knowledge, attitude, and barriers to research among final-year Students of Physiotherapy in Nigeria

  • By Abiola O. Fafolahan, Daniel D. Ajao, Efosa P. Ogedegbe - 13 Nov 2022

Aim: This study investigated the knowledge, attitude and barriers to conducting research among final-year students of Physiotherapy in Nigeria. Method: This was an observational cross-sectional study with a convenience sampling technique. The data Read more

Comparative Chromosome Morphology and Karyotype Study in Two Varieties Of (Alliumcepal.) And Garlic (Allium Sativum)

  • By Adamson Daniel, Bakari Halima Sadiya, Neksemeni Clarkstone Bansi, Mohammed Ibrahim - 13 Nov 2022

In this present study, karyotypes of three varieties in the genus Allium were examined. The study aimed at investigating intergeneric and intrageneric relationships among the varieties studied. The three varieties studied were diploid with 2n = 2x Read more

In vitro regeneration of withania somnifera L. dunal. A rare medicinal plant

  • By Ramesh S, Karthikeyan K, Muruganantham P, Chandran C - 13 Nov 2022

Withania somnefera L. is a rare and endangered medicinal plant. It plays role in the prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, carcinogenic, breast and prostate cancer. In addition to mental disorders, asthma, inflammation, arthritis Read more

Youth participation in watermelon production in Yamaltu-Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State Nigeria

  • By Yakubu S. A, Mohammed T.P, Ibrahim Isiaka, Asmau Muhammad Kabir - 13 Nov 2022

The study was carried out in Yamaltu-Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State in Nigeria. Questionnaires were administered to one hundred respondents (100). Data were gathered on the respondents, socioeconomic traits, the motivation for their par Read more

Evaluation of Groundnut [Arachis hypogaea (L.)] Varieties for Yield and Yield Components at Jinka, Southern Ethiopia

  • By Tekle Yoseph, Mhiretu Muluneh, Temesgen Jergero, Wondimu Adila - 13 Nov 2022

A field experiment was conducted research field of Jinka Agricultural Center, South Omo Zone, Southern Ethiopia using seven groundnut [Arachis hypogaea (L.)] varieties under rainfed conditions from 2019 to 2020 main cropping seasons. The objective Read more