Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Medicine


Self-Knowledge and Body Image among Cervical Cancer Survivors' Women in Northern Upper Egypt

  • By Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Hagar Masaud, Ragaa Mohammed, Soad Ramadan - 10 Mar 2021
  • Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Medicine, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 1 - 12
  • Received: 18 February 2021; Accepted: 06 March 2021; First Online: 10 March 2021


Background: The 4th most common malignancy in females is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer impacts the entire life of a patient, including the image of the body. Aim: The study is aiming to evaluate women's self-knowledge and physical image among Northern Upper Egyptian survivor women. Methods; Design: A descriptive design of research was carried out. Setting: Beni-Suef University Hospital's out-patient oncology clinic. Subjects: 70 women in a deliberate sample. Tools: Data were gathered via a structured questionnaire and a women's knowledge rating system for cervical cancer and body image scale. Results: The results of the study showed that one-third of the females were diagnosed with cervical cancer in the first stage, 22.9% of the females studied had knowledge of cervical cancer, 10.0% of cervical cancer had been diagnosed, 71.4% had been diagnosed with manifestations and control, 20.0% had knowledge of predisposing factors, 11.4% of cervical diagnostic procedures More than half (57.1 per cent) of the women who have been evaluated claimed that they are very unhappy with their looks and less feminine due to sickness and treatment. Over 1/3 (38.7%, 38.6%, 44.3%) indicated a sensation that they were not content with their body, that it was hard to see naked and felt that the treatment made the body less whole. Conclusion: Older, less educated, urban people were more likely to suffer from self-knowledge and body image problems, and those who were under the age of 20 years of marriage. Recommendations: A training course is being designed and information on cervical cancer risk, prevention and early diagnosis to enhance the intake of cervical cancer is being communicated to women. Educate women with cervical cancer to improve the image of themselves.

Keywords: Cervical Cancer, Women's Knowledge, Body Image