Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies


Consumption Pattern of Fast Food among university students in Kashmir

  • By Omar Mohammad Mir, Omar Fayaz Khan, Bilal Ahmad Sheikh - 12 Jul 2022
  • Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 22 - 36
  • Received: 17.6.2022; Accepted: 7.7.2022; Published: 12.7.2022


Fast-food consumption pattern among youngsters. Further, the study was aimed to study determinants of purchase and acceptance of fast food among youngsters. Data has been collected from 282 fast-food consumers via online mode. The target population includes fast-food consumers from four different universities – two campuses of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and technology (Sopore-North and Shalimar-Central), University of Kashmir (Hazratbal-Central), Central University of Kashmir (Ganderbal Central) and Islamic University of Science and Technology (Awantipora-South) from Kashmir. Simple random sampling technique has been adopted for selection of the sample in the present study Chi-square test, has been carried out to study the significant association between the various demographic variables and consumption of fast-food. The present study found that on monthly basis fast-food was consumed 2-3 times with Kashmiri dishes and Snacks consumed the most. Also, Italian and Chinese dishes are the least preferred fast-foods consumed on monthly basis. Further, on weekly basis biryani french-fries and steamed dumplings (momo) were consumed frequently. Moreover, fast-food consumers always prefer eating Barbeque, chips, soft drinks and ice-cream whenever given a chance. In addition to this, age, income and gender of the fast-food consumer were found to have no significant effect on fast-food consumption pattern among youngsters. However, educational institute that a fast-food consumer studies in was found to have a significant influence on their fastfood consumption decision with Indian food as a main choice of fast-food. Also, the educational status was found to significantly influence the fast food consumption decision of desserts for which masters level students were found to have a higher consumption. It was also found that fast -food consumption is influenced by taste. Further, factors – variety in offerings, food cravings, ease in accessibility, quality of food, preference of friends also impacted the fast-food consumption decision of the consumer. Fast-food retailers should lay emphasis on taste of the food, quality, and variety in menu, and ease in accessibility, affordable pricing, appealing presentation, discounts and offers, and popularity in local market formulating marketing strategies. This will help the fast -food retailers to promote consumption of fast-food at their respective outlets and chains.

Keywords: Fast-Food, Youngsters, Fast-Food Consumption Pattern, Determinants of Purchase