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Analysis of Breast Cancer using Weighted Sum Method (WSM)

  • By Zhang Yong - 30 Dec 2022
  • Healthcare Issues, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 31 - 41
  • Received: 08.12. 2022; Accepted: 19.12. 2022; Published: 30.12. 2022


Breast cancer begins as localized disease, but it can spread to lymph nodes and spread to distant organs. In primary diagnosis, prognostic markers are used to assess systemic disease has changed in a current model of metastasis, where metastatic potential reflects a phenomenological view derived from the characterize DNA breast, a feature that intrinsically supports this method in the idea that they may have metastatic potential. These data contribute to our understanding of prognosis and have metastasis implications, as this profile may differentiate a bone-metastasis cluster from a lung-poorly differentiated, making analysis imprecise. Complete for predicting metastasis risk in various human tumors, including breast, only for known tumors and breast, prostate. In imaging pulmonary pleural effusion, chest X-ray and US are more accurate in detection will be useful. Son graphic to be estrogen receptor-positive; a breast tumor has the potential to transform bone there are also cancer stem cells found In other human cancers such as once metastatic tumors and breast cancer metastases from various organs. Bone, lung, and liver are the most common sites. Breast cancer metastatic spread in Western women sites are leading. More recently, breast cancer mammographic screening and systemic adjuvant therapy have been shown to predict metastasis and mortality rates patients.