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Experimental analysis of Skin Disease Detection using the Fuzzy TOPSIS Method

  • By Xiaomeng Wang - 30 Dec 2022
  • Healthcare Issues, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 9 - 18
  • Received: 10.12. 2022; Accepted: 22.12. 2022; Published: 30.12.2022


In assisting in the classification of skin diseases Feature extraction plays an important role. In diagnosis of skin diseases in various techniques Computer vision plays a role. Skin diseases are common in Saudi Arabia due to desert and hot climate. This work contributes to dermatology research. Diagnose skin diseases. We proposed an image processing based method. This time take a digital picture of the affected skin area, faster apart from the camera and computer No other expensive equipment is required. These include various alternatives and evaluated linguistically, are represented by ambiguous numbers. The values of the subjective criteria and in order to ensure compatibility between linguistic assessments. The values of the objective criteria are converted into dimensionless indices. The alternatives are Contrast, Correlation, Energy, and Homogeneity. Evaluation Parameters are Affected Skin, Healthy Skin. As a result the Correlation got the first rank, Contrast than having a low rank.