Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Medicine

Research Article

Comparison of hemoglobin and vitamin D3 parameters in men with type 2 diabetes

  • By Dhafer Rahman Abed Al-janabi, Lewaa Abdul Adhem Dakheel Albakaa, Ahmed Abduljabbar Jaloob Aljanaby - 16 Apr 2024
  • Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Medicine, Volume: 4, Issue: 3, Pages: 12 - 18
  • Received: January 3, 2024; Accepted: April 10, 2024; Published: April 16, 2024


Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) has become a significant global health care problem and its reported incidence is increasing at an alarming rate. Our study was conducted from December 2023 to April 2024 and the aim of the study is to a levels hemoglbin and vit d3 for men only in Najaf Governorate / Iraq withType 2 diabetic males and compared to healthy controls. The number of samples was 258 subjects (one hundred and fifty-two T2DM patients and ninety-six healthy controls). Ages Participants (20-60 years) showed that in general there is no significant difference, between the ages of patients and healthy people. When measuring the criteria for the studythe results showed that the hemoglobin level was within normal limits for both groups and did not constitute any significant difference at P-Value less than 0.5, for all ages. As for vitamin D3, there was a very slight increase in the control group, but it did not constitute any significant difference. Whatever the cause or result must be randomized controlled larger studies, which research the relation between diabetic regulation and vitamin D3 and hemoglobin levels.