Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Evaluating the Impact of Vitamin E Treatment on Paraquat Induced Toxicity in Liver

  • By Benjamin Nnamdi Okolonkwo, Ngozi Brisibe, Ibitoroko Maureen George-Opuda - 18 Feb 2023
  • Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies, Volume: 2, Issue: 2, Pages: 6 - 11
  • Received: January 15, 2023; Accepted: February 11, 2023; Published: February 18, 2023


Paraquat is a weed destroyer utilized by agriculturists to safeguard their harvests against weed and increase crop yields. Paraquat has high gastrointestinal absorption rate and being very poisonous, it harms the liver, kidney, and the lungs by delivering free radicals, NF-KB activation, and apoptosis in numerous cells. The experimental study used. The average weight of 200 male Wistar rats was 200±20g. The two hundred rats were divided into four groups of fifty. The groups were labelled as A, B, C, and D. A control group received no paraquat, while groups B, C, and D received either 0.02g, 0.04g, or 0.06g of paraquat per kilogramme of rat every two weeks for three months. Each group consisted of two smaller groups. There were subgroups "A0" and "AVE" within the "A" group, "B0" and "BVE" within the "B" group, "C0" and "CVE" within the "C" group, and "D0" and "DVE" within the "D" group. Subgroups "A0," "B0," "C0," and "D0" did not receive vitamin E, while those in "AVE," "BVE," "CVE," and "DVE" did. subgroups weekly for one month after paraquat chronic treatment. Blood was acquired and assayed for liver function test. Aside from A0 grounp which is the control group, B0, C0, and D0 being the test groups (paraquat treated groups) as well as the BVE, CVE, and DVE vit. E treatment subgroups had a measurably significant difference, p-value≤0.05, in SGOT, SGPT, ALP, and GGT, a result which affirmed the toxic potential of paraquat and the ameliorative impact of vit. E. The outcomes showed that vitamin E treatment is strong against paraquat instigated liver toxicity on a one month weekly treatment plan.

Keywords: Paraquat, toxicity, liver, vitamin E.