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Relationship Between Body Mass Index And Frequency of Urinary Incontinence: Implication of Kegal and Breathing Exercise

  • By lham Abozied Ramadan, Samar Shaban Abdelazim Mohamed, Amel Ahmed Hassan Omran, Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan - 30 Jun 2024
  • Healthcare Issues, Volume: 3, Issue: 1, Pages: 50 - 63
  • Received: May 1, 2024; Accepted: June 20, 2024; Published: June 30, 2024


Background: The Kegel Breathing technique combines breathing and pelvic floor contraction patterns to increase pelvic floor muscular strength while performing daily activities regularly. Normal breathing occurs when the pelvic floor muscles and the breathing muscle (diaphragm) move up and down in harmony manner. Aim of the study: The study aimed to evaluate relationship between body mass index and frequency of urinary incontinence (pre & post intervention) for the elderly women. Design: A quasi-experimental study design was utilized. Sample: A purposive sample was selected and this study was performed on 100 Menopausal women diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence. Setting: gynecological and urological outpatient clinics Beni-Suef university hospital. Tools: Data was collected using (I): A structured interviewing questionnaire sheet. (II): The International Consultation on Incontinence Modular Questionnaire ICIQ-SF Scoring system of The ICIQ-UI. (III): Pelvic floor muscles exercises checklist. Results: Frequency of urine leakage decreased after implementation of the program only 20% of the studied women reported that their frequency of urination is once a week or less often preprogram; it became 44% post program. At pre-program, 30% of the studied obese women reported two or three times a week. This percentage it decline to 22.2% post program Implementation. Conclusion: A negative correlation between deep breathing and kegel exercises adherence and severity of stress urinary incontinence was found. Recommendations: Developing awareness program regarding importance and benefits of practicing deep breathing and kegel exercises to reduce stress urinary incontinence symptoms among elderly women.

Key words: body mass index, Kegal and Breathing Exercise, urinary incontinence: Implication