Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Medicine

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Deep Kegel and Breathing Exercises: Effect on Personal Characteristics and Body Mass Index of Elderly Women with Urinary Incontinence

  • By Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Samar shaban Abdelazim Mohamed, Elham Abozied Ramadan, Amel Ahmed Hassan Omran - 21 Apr 2024
  • Journal of Applied Health Sciences and Medicine, Volume: 4, Issue: 3, Pages: 19 - 27
  • Received: January 16, 2024; Accepted: April 12, 2024; Published: April 21, 2024


Background: Kegel's exercise instruction should focus on isolation of pelvic muscles, avoidance of buttock, abdomen and thigh muscle contraction. Aim of the study: evaluate evaluate effect of deep breathing and kegel exercises on personal characteristics and body mass index among elderly women with urinary incontinence. Design: A quasi-experimental study design was utilized in this study (one group pre and post-test). Sample: A purposive sample was selected and this study was performed on 100 Menopausal women diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence. Setting: gynecological and urological outpatient clinics Beni-Suef university hospital. Tools: Data was collected using 1) a structure interviewing questionnaire schedule, 2) The International Consultation on Incontinence Modular Questionnaire 3) Pelvic floor muscles exercises checklist. Results: The mean weight of the studied sample was 82.680±11.8815, mean height was 160.420±2.8610, and mean of BMI was 32.1224±4.47973. A highly statistically significant differences in the frequency of urine leakage, decrease in the severity of urinary incontinence, of the studied sample after intervention than pre-intervention, also there were statistical differences in the amount of urine leakaged per day were found. Conclusion: A negative correlation between age of the studied sample and their adherence to practicing deep breathing and Kegel exercises throughout the study was found. It reveals improvement of frequency of urinary incontinence for overweight and obese women. There was statistically significant association between BMI and frequency of urinary incontinence among the studied sample. Moreover, a negative correlation between deep breathing and kegel exercises adherence and severity of stress urinary incontinence was found. Recommendations: Developing awareness program regarding importance and benefits of practicing deep breathing and kegel exercises to reduce stress urinary incontinence symptoms among elderly women.