Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Coriolis Effect on convective instability in a ferro thermohaline system with isotropic pores

  • By K. Vijaya Subashini - 30 Jun 2023
  • Current Research in Interdisciplinary Studies, Volume: 2, Issue: 6, Pages: 1 - 10
  • Received: May 18, 2023; Accepted: June 20, 2023; Published: June 30, 2023


This study investigates how the presence of Coriolis force influence the instability caused by temperature and salinity variations in a flat layer of ferrofluid under a consistent magnetic field. The fluid layer is heated from beneath while the upper layer contains salt. The research employs linear stability theory to investigate the characteristics of normal modes and incorporate the free boundary conditions to reduce the influence of nonlinear phenomena. The research calculates the critical magnetic thermal Rayleigh number, NSC, for high values of M1 and observes oscillatory instability. The study further includes analytical and graphical investigations of k, Rs, t, M3, and Ta.