About Publisher

Jagua Publication is an autonomous open access academic publisher of arts, science, engineering and healthcare journals, proceeding and books.

Our mission

  • To promote the research community by publishing the articles enabling the advancements to the readers.
  • To enhance the thirst of abundance of knowledge for motivating academician, scientist, professionals etc.
  • Strengthening the collaboration between authors and readers for providing disseminating the scientific knowledge.
  • To inculcate the technological applications for the societal needs and to bring out the research articles in open access platform.

For authors

Our logic is to map modern wildernesses in developing and creating innovation ranges in research, industry and administration, and to connect with centres of brilliance around the world to supply definitive scope and references in focused and specialist fields.

Publishing Ethics

The publication of an editorial in a peer-reviewed journal is a basic building square within the advancement of a coherent and regarded organize of information. It could be a coordinate reflection of the quality of the work of the creators and the teach that back them. Peer-reviewed articles support and exemplify the logical method.

It is subsequently vital to concur upon guidelines of anticipated moral conduct for all parties included within the act of distributing: the creator, the journal editor, the peer analyst, the distributer and the society of society-owned or supported journals.

Jagua Publication gives an assurance to the scientific research community to impose peer review and to follow the moral ethics and integrity to ensure high quality research work in the field of scholarly publication.